Realising the dream

The marina we bought our boat from uses the tagline, ‘realise your dream’ in their marketing. In the past week, we’ve got in the habit of ironically using this phrase to make light of the various testing situations we’ve found ourselves in.

Here are a few examples:

  • Falling down the bank and pouring the contents of the ash bucket all over oneself (which subsequently stuck to the mud and was impossible to get off)
  • Putting on the last pair of clean trousers and splashing toilet contents on them while emptying the cassette
  • Realising the headlight was broken and just before going through a 1.5 mile long, pitch black tunnel
  • Chiselling last night’s dinner off a saucepan in order to cook something because the lack of water meant no ability to wash anything (including ourselves)
  • Every couple of hours during the night when hammering mooring pins back into the saturated river bank in the pouring rain
  • Getting diarrhoea from drinking water from our not very clean water tank
  • The batteries failing while experiencing said diarrhoea in the middle of the night – taking out the lights and the ability to flush the toilet
  • Turning over in bed at night and falling on the floor because you thought you still had another foot of mattress
  • Being so stereotypically British and over-polite that you merely observe in horror as two ‘helpful’ strangers almost sink your boat in a lock
  • Waking up in the morning and needing to layer up in your warmest winter attire before getting out from under the duvet
  • Being yelled at by residents of canalside houses for crimes you’ve not yet committed (but as a result are more likely to be tempted to).

We’ve had a knackering few days of dealing with breakdowns, emotional and literal, but we’ll post an update about what we’ve been doing when we’ve had a good sleep and recovered!

Here’s me trying really hard to look like I wasn’t losing the will to live while cruising in the rain yesterday. Think I nailed it.


And Amy enjoying the delights of the squidgy towpath.


Our electricity supply at the moment, a generous gesture from a kind chandlery that took pity on us. At least we’ve got phones and torches again now!


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